Indie Award Platforms

Do Indie Award Platforms Help Indie Artists Gain Recognition for their Music?

We had to actually sit back and think about this one —  and the answer we came up with is both “yes” and “no”.   Some indie music award platforms not only help music artists in creating a buzz about their music, but are also sincere in helping those artists promote their music while on the platform; then there are others that charge so many fees that the artist is constantly spending money while never gaining any true appreciation for their musical talent.  Indie artists could benefit by doing some research to find out about the various music award platforms available and deciding if it would be feasible to participate.

It would be helpful to make a list of indie music award platforms on an spreadsheet and indicate the pros and cons of each.  In addition, the spreadsheet can include responses or feedback from artists who participated on that platform.  This would be one way the artist can spearhead a fair review to see which platform would be the best.


From our personal experience we’ve found that every little bit helps when you are an independent music artist.  The awards platforms we’ve participated in so far have sparked an interest in fans on various social media platforms.  Either way,  it’s always good to know that you’ve accomplished something no matter how big or small.   Having your hard work be recognized is still important.

What do you think?  Feel free to share your comments.

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